Naming Releases

Developing new features and improving Client Dash in general is something we are crazy passionate about and going gang-busters on lately. Recently though we bounced around an idea for the plugin that doesn’t really have anything to do with the plugin’s functionality. We were discussing our iterations, upcoming releases, how to determine when releases are ready and other such topics when the idea came up of naming our releases similarly to the way WordPress itself does for major versions. At first I thought “that’s cool but we’re just making this little plugin. Wouldn’t that be tacky or pretentious to name our releases?” But then I thought about it a little more and reflected on how much effort and time we put into each release and came to the conclusion that it didn’t really matter that much what other people might think about this idea, liked it. The thought of giving each of these new versions that we work so hard on a fun, readable moniker was appealing to me and I decided that we’d go for it.

And so, starting with the forthcoming 1.5 release, we will be introducing our brand new version naming standard for major releases. We’ve had some great discussions about what naming conventions to follow. WordPress uses Jazz musicians. Firefox uses national parks. Mac OS uses big cats. There’s no shortage of great ideas for naming themes. I think I know which we’ll be going with but I’ll wait to reveal that until we actually release version 1.5, which will be happening very soon!

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