Client Dash 1.6 – Zehngut

Software development is a funny thing. If you had told me as we were going live with version 1.5 in August and before we started version 1.6 of Client Dash that it would take us over a month and a half to complete, I probably would have been disappointed as our previous release cycles have been much faster. Yet today as I look at what we were able to create in that time period, I am ecstatic and know that I would feel the same way even if it had taken another month. It was absolutely worth the extra time. […]

Client Dash 1.5 – Shackelford

Client Dash 1.5 officially released! After weeks of planning, programming and testing, we have finally been able to release the 1.5 version of Client Dash (read the github release notes here). I’m so excited to have this release public now as it is a huge step forward for the plugin which we’ve been iterating on all summer. I believe I can confidently say that this is my favorite release to date and it definitely takes Client Dash to a new level. Version 1.4 of Client Dash was extremely exciting for us as we were able to really push out features […]