1.6 Beta Now Available

After tons and tons and tons of work, we are finally ready to let the beta version of our latest release out for anyone interested to download and test. At this point we are simply looking to make this release as epic as possible with as few bugs as possible so we are actively looking for people to take it for a spin.

When we actually release version 1.6 to the public as the current stable version I will write up a new post describing in detail what features were added and what changes were made. For now I’ll just recommend that you check out the new Menus tab under the Client Dash settings.

If you end up having some feedback you’d like to give us, please consider creating an issue over on github. This could be anything from bugs to flaws to typos to general opportunities for improvement. Anything you suggest will be taken seriously.

For now, you can download the latest version below if you so desire. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Version 1.6 Beta

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